Garlic and Herb Cashew Cream Cheese ( raw, vegan, paleo )

Are you avoiding dairy products but feel you crave something cheesy on your meals once in a while ? And you need it like yesterday. My cream cheese recipe is so quick and easy you manage to do it in a half hour or so. It is cream cheese so no fermentation is needed unless if you want to of course. You just need to soak the nuts a few hours in room temperature before starting. If you are not like me… I always have some nuts soaking somewhere on my kitchen counter.


I made a quite small batch because Im the only one consuming this treat. My daughter judged my cheese by the looks of it ┬áso you know there was nothing to be done after that happened. I had expected that because she saw the raw garlic on my hands. So, here’s some facts about my cheese:


  1. quick
  2. easy
  3. dairyfree
  4. satisfying
  5. nutritious
  6. cheesy
  7. delicious
  8. versatile


Just to name but a few….



1 cup cashew nuts (soak 2-12 hours )

big handful of fresh basil

small sprig of thyme

1/2 tsp sea salt

2 garlic cloves

1 1/2 tsp white balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp nutritional yeast

2 tbsp walnut oil ( other quality oils do well too)

water if needed




  1. After soaking the nuts drain & rinse them well
  2. Add the nuts in blender with the other ingredients except the oil
  3. Blend the mixture REAL well until super smooth
  4. If the mixture looks too dry add A LITTLE water
  5. Add the oil when you’re sure the cheese looks creamy buttery smooth
  6. Check the taste
  7. If you got time and patience leave the cheese to sit there to let more flavors develop ( optional )
  8. Put a cloth on a strainer and refrigerate it
  9. If you want to take your cream cheese to a next level here’s what you have to do: Leave the cheese on your counter where it’s warm at least for 24 hours. The excess liquid drops out of the cheese and the taste gets more aroma and depth


The great thing about this cheese is that you can use it on salads,  sauces, sandwiches and veggie patties. You can add it to your pizza and pie or coat a swedish sandwich cake with it. The list is endless!


Your imagination is the only limit. Use it! Be creative! That’s how every great food invention in this world has been discovered. Remember to have fun in your kitchen!

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