Italian-Style Focaccia Bread ( gluten free, vegan )

Have you ever been dreaming of a gluten free focaccia?

Authentic focaccia is flat light and airy.

Quality extra virgin olive oil will give the authentic taste to this flat bread.

My simple recipe is made with an overnight dough which makes the recipe special!


I used a lot of ready flour mix on this recipe so this is not the most healthiest of my recipes. Eating isn’t always just about the healthiness but it’s about enjoying life.


Im really excited about this recipe because guess what?! It’s perfect for making pizza too! You can make a thicker pan pizza or a thin crispy pizza crust using the recipe. Life just got a little better, right?


You can shape your own focaccia just the way you like, there are no rules for that.

You can top the bread with your favorite herbs and olive oil, it’s all up to you!

The result is going to  surprise  you. In a very enjoyable way. I guarantee.


Im so happy sharing this olive oil bread recipe with you today! The taste and texture is so close to the real thing!

I hope you got interested and  excited about this recipe! Happy baking sessions to all of you!









  • 5 dl lukewarm water
  • 25g fresh yeast
  • 1 tbsp honey ( syrup for vegan option )
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp psyllium husk
  • 5 dl gluten free white flour mix
  • 1 dl oat meal
  • 1 dl quinoa flakes
  • 0.5 dl extra virgin olive oil ( + for the holes and drizzling )




  1. dissolve the yeast into water
  2. add salt, honey and psyllium, then mix well
  3. add the flours and quinoa flakes and give it a good mix
  4. add the oil into dough and mix again
  5. cover the dough with a loose plastic wrap
  6. leave the dough on a kitchen counter for overnight
  7. next day scrape the dough from the bowl into a baking tray brushed with oil
  8. with oiled or floured hands press and shape the focaccia as desired ( don’t leave it too thick )
  9. let the bread rest and rise ( can take even an hour )
  10. create holes on the risen bread with your fingers
  11. drizzle extra virgin olive oil generously onto holes
  12. add some cherry tomatoes and rosemary  on top of the dough
  13. bake at 180 C for 20 min or so, until the color turns to little golden
  14. drizzle some olive oil to the warm bread to make it extra delicious





  • 5 dl kädenlämpöistä vettä
  • 25 g tuoretta hiivaa
  • 1 rkl hunajaa tai siirappia
  • 1 rkl psylliumia
  • 1 tl merisuolaa
  • 5 dl gluteenitonta vaaleaa jauhosekoitusta
  • 1 dl kaurajauhoa
  • 1 dl quinoahiutaleita
  • 0.5 dl laadukasta extra virgin oliiviöljyä (+ leivän valeluun ja kolojen täyttöön )




  1. liuota hiiva veteen
  2. lisää suola, hunaja ja psyllium ja sekoita
  3. lisää jauhot ja quinoa ja sekoita hyvin
  4. lisää öljy ja sekoita joukkoon
  5. peitä taikinakulho löysällä muovilla
  6. jätä taikina lepäämään seuraavaan päivään
  7. kaavi taikina öljytylle pellille
  8. muotoile öljytyillä tai jauhotuilla käsillä litteä leipä haluamaasi muotoon
  9. jätä focaccia nousemaan ( voi kestää jopa tunti )
  10. painele kohonneeseen leipään sormilla koloja
  11. lorota öljyä koloihin ja leivän päälle reilusti
  12. lisää halutessasi myös tuoreita yrttejä / tomaatteja/ oliiveja
  13. paista 180C noin 20 min kunnes saa kullanruskeaa väriä
  14. pirskottele lämpimän leivän päälle vielä oliiviöljyä

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  • Anna

    2017-03-07 at 00:26 Reply

    I’m in love with this focaccia Sirke! Looks so tasty, your pictures are gorgeous as always!x

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