Matcha Rosemary Dinner Rolls (vegan, glutenfree, dairy free, egg free )

I’ve been baking since I was eight years old. Me and my twin sister created our own recipes in our mother’s kitchen just to pass the time and of course for the great magic of baking. We were always observing our mom’s way of working in the kitchen so we knew how to respect the ingredients and what the chemistry between them was.

I could say my mom gave me the push towards learning to bake everything from basic swiss rolls to more complicated treats like croissants,danish pastry or artisan bread. Im a baker at heart and that’s something that will never change even if I don’t use gluten grains or sugars anymore.


My baking has changed to a different level after saying good bye to basic grains. I still think it’s a great form of meditation though. I feel happy when Im baking. I find myself singing, dancing or humming to myself when Im baking. And that is pure happiness to me. So start baking my friends! I can assure you baking reduces your cortisol levels and you feel less stressed!

Happy baking sessions!


2 cups lukewarm water
12 g fresh yeast
1  tsp sea salt
2 tbsp matcha powder
1/2 cup oat brans
1 cup oatmeal flour
1 tbsp psyllium
1/4 tsp xanthan
2 tbsp agave syrup ( optional)
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cups glutenfree all purpose flour ( sugarless)
10-15 leaves of rosemary


Whisk and mix all the ingredients together until the dough is soft No kneading because there is no gluten.
Form into knots or rolls. Let rest and rise without a kitchen towel in a room temperature 45-60 min. Glutenfree baking requires a little longer rising time than regular baking.
Bake in 225 C for 25 min or more depending on your oven.

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