Pizza Crust with Chickpea and Teff Flour ( gluten free, vegan )

Could you live without pizza? Yeah, I thought so. Me neither.

Did you know that you can eat pizza even though your diet is gluten- and dairy free?

Eating healthy is often a matter of choice and imagination. Pizza can be healthy and tasty at the same time.

TRUST ME. I know what Im talking about.


I have made many gluten free pizza crusts and I have loved them all. They have all been crispy and super tasty. The reason I wanted to share this recipe with you is that I used teff flours in it.


Teff flour has a unique flavor  and it is 100% whole grain. Teff grows in Ethiopia and Eritrea and is therefor a staple grain in cuisines there.

It has a very mild and nutty flavor which I love by the way. It is packed with amino acids, protein, calcium and iron. In one word it’s a super grain!

I always go crazy when I come across a new gluten free grain/flour that is super healthy and can be used in various baked goods from pizza crusts to cookies.

Is this clear enough? If not here’s a few more reasons for you to try my new pizza crust recipe. The crust is:


  1. gluten free
  2. crispy
  3. easy-peasy
  4. nutrient-dense
  5. high in fiber
  6. versatile ( you can make pan pizza or pizza bread too)
  7. tasty and delicious
  8. you can enjoy it with a good conscience





2 cup warm water

1 tsp sea salt

1 sachet dry yeast

2 smashed garlic cloves

1 cup teff flour

1/2 cup chickpea flour

1/2 cup corn flour

1 1/2 cup gluten free all purpose flour

1/2 cup tapioca starch

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


The dough makes 2 medium pizzas





  1. Put the water in a bowl
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together
  3. Start adding the flour mix into the water and whisk well until all the flours are used  (I always use my hands or a wooden spoon )
  4. Make sure to mix until the dough feels nice and smooth
  5. Add the olive oil and give a whisk
  6. Let the dough set for 5-10min
  7. Half the dough and pat the it with your hands/fingers into pizza shape or use a roller ( use a baking sheet under )
  8. Let the crust set and rise well ( 15-30 min depending on room temperature )
  9. Prebake the crusts for 12-15 min in 225 C  then add the pizza sauce and toppings you prefer and bake until ready.


If you prefer a pizza with fresh toppings like I did,  just add the pizza sauce no other toppings to the pizza when putting in the oven second time. Add the toppings right after you take crust out of the oven.

I used pesto (both green and red ) , bell pepper, sun dried tomatoes, red chinese cabbage, avocado, basil, jalapeños and some vegan cheese as toppings.

The pizza sauce is also homemade and I will probably share the recipe with you some day. It’s an old staple of my kitchen.


I hope you are happy with the recipe and I would love to hear from you if you try it!

Feel free to leave comments about anything! It would be nice to connect more with you!

It’s Friday today so … what can I say but Happy Friday and make some awesome delicious pizzas! Enjoy!



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  • Gloria

    2016-09-10 at 18:18 Reply

    Hi Sirke!
    What do you mean when you write “gluten free all purpose flour”. Is it any gluten free flour or a mix of some of them?
    Complete rice flour is good for example?
    Thanks so much in advance and thanks for all you share. It’s a gift
    Gloria (from France)

    • Sirke Reivo

      2016-09-10 at 19:57 Reply

      Hi Gloria! Gf all purpose flour is a ready mix of flours which contain several different ingredients. They are sold in every country. They work well in gf baking because there are designed to be used also as the only ingredient in baking. Unfortunately they are often very tasteless but have good baking qualities. Those ready flour mixtures almost always contain rice flour as one of ingredient. Thank you very much for your comment! Much appreciated.

  • Fares

    2017-03-03 at 21:32 Reply

    Waw I love teff pizza

    • Sirke Reivo

      2017-03-06 at 11:33 Reply

      Thank you! I think teff is an amazing grain!

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