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Who am I - Put your Heart In It

who am i

Hi! Welcome to Put your heart in it!



Im a food enthusiast and professional chef who loves creating recipes that everyone can try, not too complicated but always delicious and healthy. Im specialized in plant-based diet and Im also a nutritional advisor by profession.  I love good balanced food and I think everyone should learn more about vegetarian cooking.


All my recipes are gluten free, 90% dairy free and totally refined sugar free. I love plant-based food and I’ve been through everything when it comes to eating. I was a vegan over twenty years ago and then later I started eating animal products again. I did it because I felt so. My main idea about eating is based totally on how you feel. You should feel good both mentally and physically about the food you eat. Food is supposed to give you positive energy and to support your body systems and functions. World is full of different diets at the moment but I don’t courage you to jump into that bandwagon. Always listen to your body, you know it better than anyone else. You are the person who has the power choose the fuel. In my opinion though, food should always give you a feeling of pleasure in some level. When there is a little bit of enjoyment in eating you learn to value every bite you take. Valuing the food is also a key word here. That’s something that we have to understand. You can’t cook anything really special if you don’t have the love and respect for the ingredients you are using. It all starts there. This is my humble opinion that has driven and pushed me forward in the kitchen.


I wanted to share this tiny little fraction of facts about me for a start. Im looking forward to hearing from you so please leave a trace of yourself if you visit my page! You can also find me on instagram and Facebook, just click the buttons. I will gladly help you with everything concerning food and cooking just contact me! Just wanna say one more thing to all of you… There’s only one rule you should have in the kitchen:
Put your heart in it!